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Keeping in Touch with Old Friends


These days, with different technologies emerging almost everyday, it’s quite easy to try and get hold of friends and re-establish connections.

The telephone may be quite old fashioned but it still works. If you don’t mind calling many people with the same name, you may try your look paging through phone books for old classmates. If you have a cell phone, then it is a better alternative to the telephone. You can always call your friends wherever you are. It’s a good way to contact them for impromptu coffee or meals out, especially if for some reason you are in their vicinity. Many cell phones have text messaging so you can also keep in touch through short messages.

Aside from phones, you can also use the internet to stay in touch with friends. There are many social networking websites (such as Facebook and MySpace) where you can easily read up about your old buddies. Since it’s a network, you can easily search your buddies through your mutual acquaintances.

You can also exchange messages and pictures and whatnots. If you have instant messaging programs, then you can also chat with your friends instead of having a conversation on the phone. Or if you wish, for a more personal feel, you can also chat using a web-cam. Exchanging the occasional e-mail is also a good way to ask about your friends or tell them how you are.


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