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Keeping Your Weight-Loss Plan on Track

Weight Loss

Been trying to lose weight but you’re just not shedding off the extra pounds? Losing weight is not easy and we all know because we’ve been down that road before. So upon exploring all the known ways to slim down, we might overlook that we’re simply doing things wrong.

Exercise should go with a balanced diet. It’s wrong to pig-out even after a strenuous exercise because you end up regaining all the calories you just lost. Diet without exercise has a slow effect, and exercise without diet is also not so immediate. To get the best result in the nearest future, do both.

You’re not burning enough calories. Your metabolism is slower than most people but you can’t accept it. It’s unfair but true–other people have a faster metabolism than you. I know a lot of people who eats like there’s no tomorrow but whose bodies are slim. You just have to workout more and eat less.

You cannot keep to your routine regularly. Fitness requires discipline. If your routine means you have to get up early morning to jog, that you have to do regularly, and not only when you feel like it. Better yet, schedule a routine at times which is not hard for you to meet.


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