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Keeping Yourself Active

Sweaty Exercise

Most people think of exercise as having to change into gym gear before running ten miles on a treadmill. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can do simple activities that can help you sweat those calories (and stress) out. You won’t have any excuse not to exercise anymore.

Clean up your home. Spend half an hour tidying up the place before or even while watching TV. Keeping in motion will definitely keep you from being a couch potato. It will also serve as time to do some minor cleaning, which you can’t do during the day if you work.

Walk the dog (or the kids).
Walking is a good form of exercise. You can set your own pace, although brisk walking is usually recommended. This can serve as quality time with your kids. It is also a good stress reliever at the end of the day.

Walk or cycle instead of driving.
If you’re just going somewhere near, why not walk it? Or bike it? Or even rollerblade it?  These aren’t just good ways of keeping active, but it will help you save fuel too. And if you care for the environment, it would also mean less pollution.

Play with the kids. Buy them a basketball or a mitt and a baseball instead of game consoles. Spend time playing with them. Children’s energy can be contagious.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator - that is if you don’t work or live in the penthouse. Walk around on your coffee break of lunch break. If there’s a park near your office, you can even bring your lunch outside, weather permitting.


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