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Learning About Yourself


You would think that the person who would know you the best is yourself, but many people are clueless about themselves. A lack of self confidence and fear of the unknown coupled by several personal issues and complex can hinder an individual from learning more about himself or herself.

Why is this important? Because once you know your strengths, weaknesses, values, and principles you’ll find it easy to react and adapt to different situations. You’ll be able to come up with decisions that would be the best for you. So how do you do this?

List down your skills, talents, and what you think are stuff that you can be good at but have no chance to test and prove them. List also the things that you want to improve on.

Create goals which can help you further develop existing skills and learn new ones. Start with small ones and as you have more confidence on yourself and abilities, create bigger goals.

Dream bigger things for yourself.
You’ll soon find out that the more you strive for better things for yourself, the more your confidence grows. The more your confidence grows, the better understanding you’ll have of yourself, because this time there is no fear of failure that would hold you back from getting what you want. Because you know you can get it.

Take control of your own life. Be more independent. This way you’ll be able to find out what you can and cannot do. Everyday, you’ll experience progress and challenges. You’ll win some battles and you’ll lose some. But this is just part of the learning process. Trust in yourself.


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  • syvanna xiong says:

    This article is very accrate It helps me a lot thank you for the powerful advice

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