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Learning to Forgive


Forgiving is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you have been hurt real bad. But like all wounds, harboring emotional pain can only fester in time.  And only the act of forgiving can give us a sense of closure and healing.  Here are some suggestions on how to make forgiving easier:

You have to realize that forgiving is a painful and lengthy process. It may take time, but the most important thing to consider here is that you know that you want to forgive.

If you follow a certain faith, then the best recourse for you is to pray to your Higher Being and ask to help you with the pain so you can find it in your heart to finally forgive.

Concentrate on your life, on how to become a better you. Learn to be happy. Learn to love and forgive yourself first before you can forgive others.

Do not give into negative thoughts. It’s easy to think of the bad but if you’ve had good times with the other party, then concentrate on that. What drew you to them anyway? There must be something good in them to have made you like them in the first place.

Move on. There are other people who love you. Focus on them. Let them into your life and love them back. Nothing can speed up the process of forgiveness but the power of love.


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