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Living Room Basics


Are you moving in to your first apartment or house? Still looking around for furniture? Here are some tips on which basic living room essentials for your new abode:

Consider your needs. Are you single? Do you have children? Will you be spending lots of time in the living room? Will you be receiving a lot of visitors? Do you have a big space, or a small one? What is your budget?

Seating. Of course, who would want to stand up when they come in for a visit? Buy one or two couches plus a living room chair (or two). Make them more comfortable and lush-looking by adding colorful pillows and throws – which don’t have to be expensive.

Table. Choose a sturdy and versatile coffe table. If you have a small living space, you can always double the coffee table as a dining table or a study table. End tables are optional but if you can buy them, they’re good for holding various knick-knacks

Lighting. You will need a ceiling light for a wider lighting coverage. You can also add one or two lamps for a little mood lighting. These will be enough for the living room.

Other stuff. Your entertainment center need not be elaborate. You can have a small cabinet to hold a television, a dvd player, stereo, and some books, CDs and DVDs will be enough.


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