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Lose that Holiday Weight

The holiday cheer has died down, and now we all have to face the reality of weight gain. Of course everyone is guilty of eating a little too much during the holidays! After all, who had the strength to refuse the food? I know I didn’t. Instead of forcing those poor pants to fit, why don’t we reflect on these pointers on how we can lose the weight we gained?

Leave the leftovers alone. You had your fill, and it’s not Christmas anymore, Time to go back to your old boring diet. If you want to lose weight, you have to get those sinful foods out your refrigerator, and stock up on oatmeal, veggies, and lots of fruits.

Get off the couch. Another thing that stuffed us up is the eat-sleep-lounge routine. During the vacation, we had nothing else to do but eat and sleep and vice versa. But now that vacation’s over, you also have to go back to your old routine of being active. Wake up for a short morning jog, eat a hearty breakfast, and maximize your activities at work. Treat it as your workout. You’ll feel slimmer at the end of the day.

Remember how much you hate getting stretch marks. If you get fat, your skin will stretch, which might lead to stretch marks. Of course regular skin moisturizing routine can help prevent it, but getting those annoying marks hugely depends on how stretchy your skin is. So better avoid it if you can.

Buy a bathroom scale. Of you’re serious on losing weight, you have to know exactly if you’re making progress or if you’re making it worse, so that you can see if these techniques are working for you. If you can monitor your weight loss, then you can lose weight healthier. Don’t do a crash diet, because your goal is not just to be slim, but healthy, too.


2 Responses to “Lose that Holiday Weight”

  • Alex says:

    Nice article.

    I am a firm believer that weight loss is all about lifestyle tweaking. Making adjustments to daily patterns. Eradicating bad habits and initiating good ones. For example, getting ample sleep is another good way to build muscle in recovery periods, but also a good weight of balancing body fat.

  • Maitryi says:

    is there a forum on the site?

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