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Make-up for Mature Skin


As women age, their skin’s needs change too. More mature skin are more sensitive. Hence, there are various products catered for them – from cleansers to make-up. Here are a few tips on what make-up mature women should use:

Always moisturize before applying make-up. Mature skin tends to dry easily so a good moisturizing will make sure that your make-up won’t cake as the day progresses. You may want to try out tinted moisturizes so you can get a moisturizer and a foundation in one product. Just make sure that the tint is correct for your skin so it won’t leave your skin with an orange hue.

Instead of using matte, try to use shimmer. It gives the skin a more youthful glow. Try to also use cream rather than powder, especially with blusher or eyeshadow. Cream won’t cake up and the effect is like it’s airbrushed on your skin. Cream also has a more subtle tint.

Speaking of subtle, when putting on make-up, remember that less is more. Gloss instead of dark red lipstick, peach cream blush instead of red powder blush. Make your skin show it’s natural glow instead of masking it with make-up. Just put enough to emphasize your best features.


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