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Making Your New Office Space Comfy


Congratulations! You’ve stepped up the corporate ladder, but before you actually start stressing on more work, try to make your new space more comfortable and at par with your new needs.

Let’s start with the furniture. The company would probably provide the desk but you may actually have a say on the chair. Get something comfortable with a high back, and one that you can adjust the height. These can be used for privacy and for intimidation, whichever applies in particular situations.

Arrange your computer so that it sits to the side and not directly in front of you. This will help you keep your eyes on the “lay of the land.” It also eliminates communication barriers when people come in and talk to you.

Keep office supplies that you mostly need. Fill (and organize) your drawers with pens, post-it notes, pens, paper clips, and other things you might need to help you accomplish your tasks faster. This include books, magazines, and other reading materials which will be your resources while working.

Personalize your space. Add photos, framed pictures drawn by your kids, dust catchers, or anything that will make your office space more comfortable. This will help you motivate yourself for work and to de-stress when needed.


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