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Making Daily Life Easier


Sometimes we work too hard on our goals that we forget to enjoy life more. But work shouldn’t be that hard. If you observe how you do things, you’ll find out that by modifying a bit of how we accomplish tasks, we can actually work faster and easier.

Start your day by making a list of what you need to do. Just ten to fifteen minutes of sorting out through your work pile or chores can make a big difference. You won’t have to go back and forth tasks only to find out that more important work hasn’t been done yet. By prioritizing, you not only finish work on time, but you will also have time to spare for pampering yourself a bit.

Invest some of your time into accomplishing tasks for long-term projects. You can break these goals into smaller ones that you can work on for over a period of time. Cramming can only bring stress and stress adds pressure to work. So why stress over something that you can avoid anyway?

Learn shortcuts. Invest in tools and software that can cut the time you spend on particular tasks. Databases or inventory software can help you search for files, folders, etc at work and even addresses and recipes at home.

Delegate. If someone or some people are available to help you with your tasks ( a co-worker in the office or your partner and/or children at home), then delegate them appropriately. Learn to trust in other people’s abilities and you’ll find out that a little of their help eases your responsibilities, which at times can actually be self-imposed.


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