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Making Decisions


Confused? Lots of options to choose from? Here are some suggestions on how to calmly and rationally make decisions:

Never make decisions when you are under pressure or in a lot of stress. Your judgment can be clouded by emotions and prejudices. Even if you are forced to make a quick decision, ask if you can be allowed enough time to think about it. Step back even for a few minutes. Take deep breaths and clear your mind.

There is nothing wrong to paying attention to gut feeling. For some strange reason, even if they can’t be logically explained, they often turn out right. Listen to your instincts.

Some people like putting thoughts in writing. You can create two columns – pros or advantages, and cons or disadvantages. These can help you organize thoughts, making decision making much easier.

You can also consider the point of view of others. You don’t need to take their advice, just get different perspectives.

Own it. Whatever the outcome of your decision is, be prepared to take responsibility for the consequences. If you made a mistake, learn from it and use it when making future decisions.

Good luck!


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