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Making the Most of Holiday Shopping

Christmas Spending
Want to make the most out of your Christmas shopping? Here’s what you can do:

Set a spending limit. Bring only enough money and leave your credit cards at home. Better yet, make a list of what you are going to buy and for whom so you won’t go out clueless of what to purchase.

Be prepared before you go shopping. Shop around for the best price. Check items in the internet and compare prices between stores. This will save time and money by going to different stores and do your comparing there.

Monitor malls and boutiques. They will be organizing Christmas sales. Take advantage of them. Make sure you know which items are really on sale. Some items may not be included. There are brochures or circulars that department stores provide. Get a hold of one of these and study them carefully. Mark those which you intend to buy.

You can also opt for shopping at outlet stores and outlet malls. They usually reduce prices during the holiday season, even if they offer lower prices than in department stores to begin with. However, check the items carefully. Make sure that what you’re getting are not damaged or rejected items.


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