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Saving Winter Electricity

Winter Home

Many people dread the coming winter as the colder temperature can surely mean more costly electricity. Here are some ways to cut on electricity consumption.

During warmer days, leave the shades of your windows open so that sunlight can come in the room. This will allow you to turn off the lights. Heat from the sun can also be seep into the room, allowing you to turn off the heater for a few hours.

In order not to use valuable heat, inspect your windows and doors for drafts. Make sure that everything is sealed tightly before winter sets in.

If your house has two or more stories equipped with a hot air system, you can close the vents in the upper floors. Hot air rises so you can just allow it to move upwards.

Add insulation between walls or in basements and attics. You can also have a digital thermostat installed, wherein you can program when to lower or raise the temperature. These may be expensive upon installation but it will help reduce costs of utilities for many years to come.


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