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Men’s Shoes


Here are is a guide the the different types of men’s shoes. If you wish to build a basic collection of shoes for different occasions, it won’t hurt to check it out:

Sandals are the most casual of men’s footwear. These can be worn during spring and summer. They are also excellent for trips to the beach. For those who are athletic, there are waterproof sports sandals. Leather sandals go well with casual wear.

Sneakers are always a good addition to one’s shoe collection. You can have a sensible pair of rubber shoes for the gym, and classic canvas sneakers for casual wear. Just make sure that your socks are not visible when you wear sneakers with shorts.

Casual shoes which are a hybrid of leather and canvas or rubber are your best bet for a more laid back but sophisticated look. There are casual shoes which are made of leather but have rubber soles.

Boots can both be casual and formal. Heavy lace-up boots are good for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Ankle boots can be worn with suits and more formal attire.

Oxfords and loafers
are dress shoes that are usually made of leather and are ideal for business or some other formal event. The difference between the two is that oxfords are lace-up while loafers are considered as slip-ons.


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