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Minding Online Manners


There is no excuse for rudeness, even if you are socializing online. Here are some netiquette that you should find useful if you don’t want to get kicked out of chat rooms or forums.

Keep in mind your audience. Are you in a forum or chat room where there are impressionable children or teenagers? Keep your vocabulary staid, instead of colorful, unless you’re talking with people you know personally.  Moderate your tone and the content. Try not to use all caps. It’s the same as shouting in real life.

If you have a more general audience, then try not to use a lot of acronyms. Not everyone understands them. You can miss proper capitalization but try to type in full sentences instead of short phrases. People tend to be lenient when it comes to grammar and punctuation but still, if you can do use the language properly, a lot people who are reading your posts or chats would appreciate it.

Be polite and mind the rules of the chat room and the forums. Moderators usually send warnings to misfits but repeat offenders eventually get kicked out, and you wouldn’t want that, do you?


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