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More Tips for the Busy Parent

Busy Woman

There is no such thing as too many time-saving tips for the busy parent. So as not to disappoint, here are more tips for parents, single or otherwise, to help them deal with their everyday tasks:

Acknowledge the power of lists. Lists will be your best friend if you’re a busy parent. A notebook or a planner with daily to-do lists will keep you reminded of the things you need to do. All you have to do is sit down for a few minutes before you go to sleep the night before. Update your list and tick them off as you finish tasks the next day.

Take a bit of time to write down your grocery and food staples. Make a list with the amount you usually buy and tape it on the fridge. Once a week, do an inventory. This way when you do go shopping, you’ll only buy what you need. This will save you both time and money.

Have a family calendar in the kitchen or the family room
. Have everyone write important dates there – from birthdays to soccer practice. Every night, check the calendar and incorporate anything into your to-do list.

Get your children involved in chores. Kids be given responsibility depending on their age and maturity. You can have your children take turns in washing dishes, or taking the garbage out. Teach them to put away their toys after using them and if they have their own bedrooms, then they should take charge of them too.

Admit that you are only human
. say not and don’t over commit yourself. Don’t forget to ask help if you need it too. The last thing a child needs is a stressed and frazzled parent.


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