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More Tips on Household Thrift

We can never get enough of tips that help us to save more, especially if the forecast on the economy continues to be gloomy and unpredictable. We have to be very smart every time we take out our wallets. Here are more practical suggestions which you can try.

  • Use old newspapers as weed suppressor under mulch. You can also us them as glass cleaners for your windows and shelves.
  • Reuse old furniture by doing basic handiwork. Chipped furniture can regain their fashion if you can be creative with paint or varnish. And if you’re crafty, you can reuse the wood to make decors.
  • Don’t buy cheap and low-quality appliances. You have to purchase the one that lasts, not the one which is going to cost you a lot with service and repair.
  • Give your car good treatment because repair costs a lot. In the long run, regular maintenance is more reasonable. Also, when you’re washing your car, do it by the buckets rather than by a running hose.
  • Open the windows on nice weathers rather than relying purely on cooling appliances for ventilation. It improves air quality inside your home and it lowers your energy consumption.
  • Go back to the basics. If you need to shed a few pounds, why not do things the hard but smart way? Mop the floors instead of vacuuming it, dry clothes under the sun rather than using dryer, and wash the dishes the old way.
  • Switch to LED lights. They might cost more than what you usually buy, but they will really prove to be more economical.

One Response to “More Tips on Household Thrift”

  • Hi, Interesting post, thanks for sharing these tips. I like to lower my electric bill by keeping all devices unplugged when I am not using them. The displays on our TV’s, DVD’s, and Microwaves all use more energy than we think. My electric bill has verified this.


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