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Motivating Your Team


If you’re team lead and have noticed that your team members seem to not doing their best, then it is your job to keep them in tip-top form.

Before you can start motivating your team, you have to ask yourself this question – Do I know my team well? You don’t have to be a gossip monger to do this. Just pay attention to the skills that each member is able to contribute to the team. It would also be better if you know what makes each person tick. Make an effort to find out  their interests and have a superficial knowledge of any personal issue that each of them is dealing with. Perhaps one has a medical condition that would entail him or her to cut back on his or her workload.

To do this, you have to keep an open line of communication. You don’t have to hire a private detective to find out if B is having a divorce or if A is a single mom. Make sure that your team members feel that they can come and talk to you, that they shouldn’t be afraid if they need to relay an issue to you, especially if it concerns work.

When they do come to you, be objective and less personal. Dwell on the facts. Take note of the issue and try to resolve it. If they come to you with a suggestion, contemplate on it and see if you can implement it. Get the other team members involved too.  Be transparent.

When it comes to task delegation, try not to act like a tyrant. Acknowledge what each member brings to the team. Delegate each task to the person with the appropriate skills. Encourage the more skilled members to mentor those who need improvement.  If they can take the initiative to arrange training, then encourage it. This will make them feel that they are doing something good for their team.

All of this boils down to respect. If you respect their personal space and their professional acumen, then they feel that all their hard work is paid off.


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