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Office Refrigerator Etiquette


Believe it or not, but the office refrigerator can be a source of office discord, especially when stuff owned by others are being nicked by anonymous co-workers. To prevent this silly, but real, problem from happening. Here is what you will need to do:

Set guidelines for the office refrigerator. You can set rules on which food, and how much food you can store in there and for how long. You don’t want to hog all the space in the refrigerator, especially if there are other people who need to use it as well.

Make sure that food is covered well so that smell and flavor won’t affect other food or beverages stored inside the refrigerator as well.

Service staff should be instructed to purge food at least once a week to make sure that no rotting meals are left in the refrigerator. These can cause illness among co workers.

Remember to label your containers and other food items so there won’t be accidental (or intentional) food thefts.

You can also appoint a person in charge of the refrigerator who will monitor the cleaning and the storing of the food inside the office refrigerator.


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