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Overcoming Shyness


Being shy is natural in certain situations, but severe shyness is a deep-rooted behavior that might have developed from childhood, or from having a negative self-image. Whatever the reason is, it needs a lot of effort if wanted to overcome. However, behavior experts have come up with several tips on how to help overcome shyness.

The first thing to remember is that it does take time to gain one’s confidence. Don’t feel frustrated if you think you’re having a shyness attack. Give yourself time to make certain adjustments. Set realistic goals and slowly work at each one.

Start with greeting people.
Say good morning to people at work, or smile back if people smile at you. Try maintaining a good posture.  Straighten your back and do not look at the ground. Keep your head held high and smile.

If your shyness comes from having a poor self-image, you can always consider having a make-over. Start with getting a new haircut and then slowly build a new wardrobe that would herald the new you.
Watch others how they act in different social situations. Observe which ones are favorable behaviors and try to work these into your goals.

Read news and try to expand your interests and hobbies.
If somebody or a group invites you for an after-work get together, accept. You can always listen first and slowly try to include yourself in the conversation.

Practice makes perfect
so do it.


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