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Overheated Hard Drive

Busted Computer

Your computer’s hard drive, like any other machine, can overheat if it’s been worked hard. So how do you know if you have an overheated hard drive? What do you do if it happens?

There are many reasons why your computer suddenly starts to run slow but if this is accompanied by  fan noise, chances are that heat is already building up in your hard drive. The extra noise of the fan warns you that it is already working double the effort.

Overheating of hard drives happen when the heat caused by the rotation of platters, or the metal discs inside the hard drive, hasn’t dispersed properly. This makes relevant information to travel with more difficulty in order to be retrieved while you work at the computer. This then slows down the computer’s performance. What makes the platters malfunction? When they are poorly lubricated, or if the hard drive is overclocked. Or the temperature of the environment is really warm to begin with.

Check your computer if the inbuilt cooling system is working. If it is, it means that the air flow is blocked with dust, or other objects. What you do is turn the computer off and clean away dust. It will also help to put a fan directly on the machine while you’re working.

Whatever you do, do not work with th case open as it will only allow dust build up. If it still overheats, stop working on your computer and have a professional check it.


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