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Advantages of Setting an Office Dress Code

Although many companies have no problem when it comes to how their employees dress – setting a more casual atmosphere in the workplace. But some prefer to employ some sort of dress code. Here are some considerations you may have to look into if you are considering changing your company’s dress code policy.

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Changing Your Life

Stuck in a rut? Doing a job that you hate? Want to be something better? Nothing is impossible. Sure, it does seem impossible what with all the hard work and patience that come along with whatever you need to change your life for better entails, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

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Dressing to De-emphasize Ample Breasts

Some females who have ample bosoms find it frustrating when it comes to finding tops and dresses which would not only fit, but also would be able to de-emphasize their breasts.

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Being Healthy After Menopause

It’s important to stay healthy after menopause. Losing estrogen can alter a lot of things in your body. It will be prone to raising the level of your cholesterol and with that your blood pressure. Bones can also slowly lose calcium and therefore there is a risk osteoporosis.

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Teaching Children Internet Safety

The Internet can be a dangerous place for children as much as the real world. Here are some tips on how to safeguard our children from the dangers the lurk in cyberspace.

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Even More on Living Frugally

Because we can’t get enough of suggesting ways on how to live more to our means, here are tips on how to live a little less extravagantly.

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Setting Up a Home Office

What with the help of technology, it gets easier to stay and work at home instead. Some practically leave their company to start their own private practice at home, while some opt for telecommuting instead of actually going to work. However, if one wants to effectively work at home, then one must have a formal, even if it’s just a …Continue reading →

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Working Smart

Tired? Stressed out trying to finish small tasks that seem to pile up day after day? Why not work smart instead of working hard? Here are some simple tips to help you make your work life a bit easier.

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Teaching Kids Communication Skills

Teaching children how to converse properly and politely will help build a strong foundation for good communication skills later when they get older.

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Productive Commuting

Do you spend at least an hour commuting from home to work? Make your time more productive whether you’re taking public transport or if you’re driving. Here are some tips that will show you exactly how:

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