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Borrowing Money

Borrowing money should be avoided. But there are certain circumstances when borrowing cannot be avoided.

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Learning to Forgive

Forgiving is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you have been hurt real bad. But like all wounds, harboring emotional pain can only fester in time.  And only the act of forgiving can give us a sense of closure and healing.  Here are some suggestions on how to make forgiving easier:

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Fitting Room No-no’s

Do you notice how sales people and other customers sneak you an evil glance every time you come out of a stall when you try clothes on in fitting rooms. You may not know it but you probably always breach fitting room etiquette. Find out which fitting room no-no you are guilty of doing:

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Charging Your Cell Phone in Public

Your cell phone runs out of battery while you’re out and you don’t have a car where you can just plug the charger into the cigarette lighter. What do you do? You can always charge it elsewhere. Here are some safety tips on charging your phone in public:

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Preventing Clogged Sinuses

If you are susceptible to colds, then you are also prone to have your sinuses clogged. Here are a few tips on how to keep those sinuses clear:

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How to Clean Grout Stains

Cleaning kitchen or bathroom tiles can sometimes be a pain. But not anymore with these tips on how to keep those grout stains away:

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Save Money on Wedding Receptions

Who says you can’t have the wedding day of your dreams in these lean times? Here are some tips on how to throw a memorable wedding even on a limited budget:

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Presenting to Investors and Clinching It

Here are tips on how to impress potential investors during a presentation:

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More First Date Tips

More first date tips for the gentlemen:

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Job Searchers: Winning Over Competition

Do you want to know how to win over other qualified job candidates? Then heed these tips and you’ll surely get that position that everyone is scrambling to get:

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