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Putting Babies Back to Sleep

Aside from patience, the following are tips for parents who find it putting their babies back to sleep once they’ve woken up for some reason or the other:

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Sexual Harassment Policy and the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a big deal for every company. If you wish to avoid having to deal with this problem, here are some suggestions on how to curb, if not prevent such things from happening:

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Making a Good Impression on Your Professor

One way to get a better understanding of a particular course is by also getting a better understanding of the professor. Although it’s not a pre-requisite to get to know your professor better, having a good professional relationship with them will help you be at ease enough with them to ask for consultations on particular topics that you find difficulty …Continue reading →

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Advantages of Monitoring Internet Use in the Office

Why is it beneficial for companies to limit the internet use of their employees?

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For Ladies: Choosing Boots

It’s winter in some states (and countries) and it’s the perfect time to wear boots. There are many cuts and styles for the ladies to choose from. Here are some guides on what to wear depending on the occasion:

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Writing a Thank You Note

Thanking your hosts for inviting you to dinner or any event is actually good manners, and will guarantee you more invitations to come in the future. Here is how you do it:

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Giving a Cell Phone as a Present

Are you planning to buy a relative or a friend a cell phone as a gift? Here are some tipz on how to buy the right phone for them:

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Asthma and the Workplace

Do you have asthma? Well it’s easy to control the environment at home where you are the lord (or lady) of the manor. But how do you deal with pollutants in the work place?

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More on Saving Money During Christmas

Because the Christmas holidays are coming and we all could need the extra cash, here are some more thrifty little ideas we can use to save cash:

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Less Noisy Garage Door

Do neighbors complain a lot about the noise level of your garage? Do you want to minimize it? Here are some ways to have a more quiet carport:

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