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Encouraging Independence at Work

Employees need some sort of autonomy in the workplace. Most people work better when they are left alone to their tasks with minimal supervision. If you see employees who are like this, it is best to encourage them as they are more productive working like this.

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Being Neighborly

I guess you’ve heard about the neighbors from hell. If you’re lucky, you get the opposite. Personally I’d really like to have the latter. Here are some tips on how to develop good neighbor relations:

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Growing Healthy Nails

Do you want to have healthy, beautiful nails that are strong enough to grow long? Here are some easy tips on how to do exactly that:

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How to Deal With an Eating Disorder

Having an eating disorder is no joke. It’s not merely a physical problem, but it goes deeper than that. People with eating disorders usually have other psychological and emotional issues and these manifests through eating too much or eating too little.

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How to Set-up a Teleconference

Many companies, especially those with offices abroad, opt for holding teleconferences. They’re much cheaper and great time savers compared to actually holding actual meetings. If you decide to have one, here is how to set-up a teleconference:

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Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

You did your best but still you didn’t get the job that you’ve been meaning to bag. You ask yourself why. You suddenly doubt yourself and your capabilities. Don’t. There can be many factors which led to your not being accepted. These maybe are some of them:

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Signs That Your Plant Needs More Water

For beginner gardeners, here are some pointers on how to tell if you need to water your plants more:

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Perfect Gifts for the Elderly

Is your elderly mother’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps you father-in-law’s? Here are some tips and suggestions on what to give your elderly relatives on their special day:

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When Management Changes

Many employees feel fear when changes in management are to be implemented. For one, they are concerned for the security of their employment, which is understandable. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to deal with troubled employees when unavoidable changes in management are to be made:

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Having a Young Boss

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way people expect them. Here you are, thinking you’ve gotten the managerial position you’ve been working hard for the past five years (or more) only to find out that somebody else got it. What’s worse is that the new boss is younger than you. You do not want to resign in the light of …Continue reading →

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