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Picky Eating

Apple Eater

Is your child not eating properly? Do they pick what they eat? Or do they seem not to have enough appetite to finish their meals? Here are some reasons why they do what they do:

Remember that kids do not necessarily eat like adults. Most have sensitive taste buds. Never assume that they can stand anything spicy or bland. Keep your children’s age and preference when preparing their meals. Add shredded vegetables to spaghetti sauce or hamburger patties. Your children won’t know the difference.

Check your own cupboard and fridge. Are they havens for junk food junkies? Children who have access to junk food would not be hungry during real meals. Sugar and other food with high calories can destroy appetite. Instead of letting your children snack on sugar and salt, you can provide them healthier options such as fruits, milk, nuts, and fruity yogurts.

Do not scold children, especially very young ones for being messy while eating. They will associate being scolded to eating and this will contribute to bad eating habits. Tables can be covered with plastic mats, and shirts can be washed. Just be patient with your children and teach instead of scolding.

Never force a child to eat everything on the plate. This can be very traumatic for your children. What you can do is to offer your children small portions. Offer more but if your children refuse, let it be. Appetites can be improved in time.

Be a good example to your children. Do not discuss weight problem issues and dieting. Eat healthily and on time. Try your best to be present at the dining room table and make the experience light and fun.


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