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Planning a Career

Career Move

Although ideally, the younger you start on planning your career path the better, this is not always applicable. Some people realize the best career for them only when they’ve spent 10 years working at something else. It is never too late to start on a career you really want. Here are some tips for everyone who wishes to start or change their profession:

Like it. No point in embarking on a new career if it is something that you hate. Sit down and make a list of things that you enjoy doing or working on. You can also add things that you find interesting or wish to know more about. Read the items on the list. And ponder over each one carefully. Will this be something out of which I could make a career?

Learn it. One thing about learning is that you’re never too old to do it. Those who have yet to go to college have the advantage of choosing early on what they can learn in preparation for the working world. But for those who are deciding to change careers, don’t worry. The experience you’ve had in your old job makes up for it. What you need however is to make an effort to learn more about the new career to which you are shifting. If you need to take formal classes, you should do so. You can take classes at school, or you can study by distance learning. You can also take seminars, and workshops. You can find a good mentor, or you can self-study.

Do it. Even if you start from the bottom step of the ladder. The only way you can go is up. Remember that knowledge and experience are your best tools to succeed in your new career. Make sure you have both.

Believe it. People might talk why a lawyer would suddenly become a chef, or a teacher would suddenly go to med school. But remember, they are not the ones living your life. Believe in yourself and do what you want because you can do it.


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