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Getting a Prepaid Cell Phone

Cellular Phone

Buying a new cell phone? Still deciding whether to get a prepaid phone? Here are some considerations you might want to think about before making a decision:

  • How often do you talk on the phone?
  • What features will you frequently use (i.e. web browsing, text messaging, etc.)?
  • Will you need special services such as roaming?

If you go prepaid, expect the following:

On one hand, you won’t get monthly bills since you will be using credit that you’ve already paid for. This means that you won’t have to concern yoruself if you go over your minutes. There will be no extra charges. Your call will simply get cut-off if your credit is used up. However, there are also prepaid plans that offer unlimited calling on specific times of the day so you can avail of that if you’re the type who live for calls. Prepaid cell phones can be picked up anywhere – from drugstores to electronics stores. You can always reload almost everywhere too.

On the other hand, call and text messaging rates are usually higher than in contract phones. Features such as mobile web are not available in all prepaid phones. Some prepaid phones only work in a local area. So if you plan to go cross-country or abroad, then your phone won’t be of much use. if you are particular about handsets, prepaid cell phones usually come in a limited selection of models.

So what’s the verdict?

It all depends on how extensively you will use your cell phone. if you need them for emergencies then a prepaid phone is a better choice. If you are buying for a child or a teen, then a prepaid cell phone can limit phone use.

However, if the cell phone is indespensable because it is needed for work and such, then a contract cell phone might be a better choice for you.


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7 Responses to “Getting a Prepaid Cell Phone”

  • Imee says:

    I myself am using a prepaid cellphone. I find it more convenient since I don’t call or text much. My mom though has post-paid, since she needs constant contact with us at home and with people at work. I think it all depends on a person’s situations and needs.

  • Christopher says:

    I use a NET10 prepaid phone myself. Contrary to the article, I find that I pay less per minute than my friends on contracts. Plus there are no hidden charges, overage fees and restrictive contract to worry about. Another major benefit is that the NET10 phone costs the same anytime, anywhere, local and long distance.

  • BrianW says:

    I got a net10 phone after I lost my iphone and I Loved it ever since. With no contracts and no bills there is No Evil. Literally.. I am saving soooo much money and have a great phone. What more would I need? I got the Motorola EM326 and it has games, web, just everything I could need. I spend like 30 dollars a month on my phone a month at most which is a far cry from that ridiculous over 100 bucks I used to spend!

  • cindyr says:

    I have done so much work and research on different cell phone plans that are available and have come to realize that prepaid is completely the way to go . You aren’t stuck in some contract where they have complete control of what they charge you… and you get these fees and you’re like WHAT ARE THESE!! With prepaid, at least you have a are able to control what you actually pay for. I have a net10 phone and the service is fabulous and I have saved SO much money. Ten cents a minute and TONS OF INTERNATIONAL calling to over 60 destinations for just 15 cents a minute.. pay for what you actually not use.

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