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Preparing Kids for Bed

Sleeping Child

Sending kids to bed can be a nightmare for some parents. Not all children are the docile, sleep-in-5-minutes kind. To avoid the stress of waiting forever for the kids to sleep, parents can keep in mind the following:

Reduce the energy level of your children before they go to bed. Avoid giving them sugary snacks at least an hour before their bedtime. Not only will you have to deal with sugar high, but unscheduled trips to the bathroom as well. However, a nice warm glass of milk at least 30 minutes before bed.

If your kids are afraid of the dark, you can leave the nightlight turned on so that kids won’t get up during the night and bother you. You can buy one that has an adjustable brightness so you can slowly train your children to sleep without the lights on.

Read your children a bedtime story. It can be both a calming and relaxing activity for both you and the kids, not to mention instill the children a love for books and reading.

Limit the talking but don’t skimp on the attention and affection. If they stay in bed in the duration of the night, then don’t forget to let the children know that they did well.


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