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Preventing Junk E-mail


Junk e-mail can be nuisances. To avoid having them lying around in your inbox folder, here are some stuff you can do to prevent them.

Do not give your e-mail addresses away. Always be cautious of whom you entrust with them. Signing up for newsletters online can attract junk e-mails.

What you can do is to look for a “Privacy Policy” when signing up for something. Read through and check if they do keep your information safe. Just to be sure, you can always create a special e-mail account which you can use for signing up to services.

Avoid forwarding mass e-mails because your e-mail address can also be potentially sent to other people you might not even know – including spammers.

Check your e-mail provider’s anti-spam services. They have junk e-mail blockers that can be used for uour account. They can detect potential junk messages and filter them so that they automatically go to a Junk folder.

You can also download a spam filter software. However, make sure that what you are installing is safe. Run it through a virus scan program before installing.

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