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Productive Commuting


Do you spend at least an hour commuting from home to work? Make your time more productive whether you’re taking public transport or if you’re driving. Here are some tips that will show you exactly how:

Listen. You can do this if you are driving or if you are using public transport, as long as you have a CD player, or an MP3 player with you, no problem. Commuting is the perfect opportunity to listen to relaxing music so your mind and body are calm ad refreshed. Perfect way to start a busy day.

You can also try listening to a language learning CD. Or you can opt to listen to an audio book instead, if you have no time to read an actual paperback lately due to your busy schedule.

Or you can do the actual reading, if you’re using public transport. Bring a book you’ve been dying to read for a long time. You probably could only go through a few pages. But you’ll be able to finish the book eventually if you do it everyday.

If you have a laptop or a smart phone, you can also read your e-mail while you’re on the train or bus or cab. You can also converse on your cell phone. Remember to use hands-free if you’re driving. This will help you get rid of some work tasks even before you get to work.


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