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Purse Protection While Grocery Shopping

Shopping Cart

You can never be too careful these days. So we are giving you some suggestions on how to protect your personal belongings while grocery shopping:

Key chain clips are quite inexpensive and they work well too. All you have to do is to attach the key chain to the metal ring on your purse and on the bars of the shopping cart. This way, you won’t have to worry about anyone just grabbing your purse.

If you don’t have a key chain, you can always tie the strap of your purse around the bars of your shopping cart, granted that the strap is long enough. You can also use an elastic rope or belt if the strap of your purse is too short for tying.

Leave your purse closed.
You might have tied your purse to the shopping cart, but if your wallet is still accessible to thieves, what’s the point then? And never leave your purse in your shopping cart unattended. If you go away from it for far too long, purse snatchers would still have enough time to make do with your purse despite the precautions above.


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