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Reading Food Labels


You always can’t always buy 100% healthy if you are shopping for packaged products in the grocery stores. However, you can always choose the less of evil.

Always check the label. Make sense of the ingredients indicated in there. It is often a rule that if an ingredient’s name is long and cannot be pronounced, it’s one of those preservatives that isn’t really good for you.To be safe, get something that has fewer ingredients.

Aside from the ingredients, you can also check the nutrition facts on the label. Check the calorie count per serving. Get something that has more vitamins and minerals. One that offers the less calories is also a better choice.

Don’t forget to compare and contrast. This might take a bit more time when shopping but only so on your first trips. Simply take note of the brands and products you have chosen so you know what to pick the next time you do your grocery shopping.

Of course nothing is better than if you can get something fresh, if you have the time and are culinary inclined, you can always make your own corned beef or cookie dough instead of buying those processed ones.


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