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Recycling Cell Phones

Cellular Phone

Do you plan to buy a new phone and have no idea what to do with your old one? Why don’t you recycle it? Cell Phone recycling centers won’t charge you anything. Some might even pay you for handing in your old phone.

Terminate your service on the old cell phone. You can have it transferred to your new phone or cancel it permanently.

Remember to delete everything from your cell phone’s memory. Saved (incriminating) photos and videos, contact numbers and e-mail addresses from the phone book, phone call history and other information that might still be stored in your phone.

Retrieve your phone manual and follow the instructions on how to hard reset your phone’s settings. If your cell phone has a sim card, remove this from the cell phone.

Now it is time to surrender your phone. Take it and its battery to the nearest eCycling drop off location, which  is  coordinated by the U.S. EPA


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