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Resisting Peer Pressure


Adolescence is a tough phase that everyone has to go through. What with all the physical, mental, and emotional changes that are happening all at the same time, it is no wonder that many teenagers become confused. Seeking approval in the family and among friends while being not a kid but not-yet
an adult can make anyone prone to doing some crazy stuff. For teenagers, here are some tips on how to keep your individuality intact by resisting peer pressure:

The best way to avoid peer pressure is to keep yourself away from the bad crowd. Go with your gut feel. You know when something or someone doesn’t have your good intentions in mind. Follow that intuition. Real friends only want what’s best for you. If the people with whom you hang out seem to want otherwise, then they are not your friends.

Think about the future and not the now.
Remember, that being popular is not worth risking everything. Do not do anything that would endanger your chances for a better future – like getting into a good school, and having a good career. Sometimes, the awful things we do in the past can come back and haunt us eventually.

Decide on what you believe in and stand by it. It can be a little difficult, especially if you are being taunted by others. Don’t let your resolve wane. Always think that you are doing the right choice. Seek help from family, real friends, or a teacher, when you think that the pressure is becoming too much. Sometimes, talking about it with others will help ease it.


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