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Resolving Staff Unproductivity

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Are you having problems with employees who seem to be sluggish and/or not providing the necessary deliverables on time? Or if they do, they’re not exactly at par? If yes, then you might seriously consider resolving these issues.

Find the problem. If one or two or three staff members are unproductive, then reasons may vary, or they may even be personal problems. It can also be conflict among colleagues. If so, talk with these individuals and try to resolve the issue.

If the unproductivity is being manifested on a larger scale, then this is an organizational issue. Why is there lack of motivation? Hold a group meeting, and/or talk with individuals and find out what is causing disgruntlement among staff members. Make sure that you listen carefully to complaints. Ask for suggestions and if they are given, listen. Opening doors to communication is the first step in resolving any issue.

Re-assess the situation and together with other managers, develop a better system for rewards to increase staff productivity. You may not be able to act on all the suggestions given, but with a well-thought-out system, it’s a start.

If the productivity rate doesn’t go up even after a substantial period has gone by, then it is time for more drastic procedures.You can try giving performance reviews. Make sure that you document properly so if the situation calls for termination of one or two employees, you have solid documentation, which in turn can help avoid potential legal problems.


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