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Rewarding Yourself


Rewarding yourself is important, especially if you’ve survived something really gruelling or if you’ve achieved your goal – no matter how small or big it is. It will not only boost your morale, but it will also help you get ready to face more challenges with bigger rewards. It can be as simple as eating your favorite dessert at the end of the day, or as grand as going on a vacation to the Bahamas. Rewards should suit your needs for maximum satisfaction. Here are the different types of rewards:

Monetary and Material. These are financial and material incentives. Rewarding yourself a shopping spree, or treating yourself to a movie, or going on a vacation after completing a huge project at work are examples of this. Just be careful where you spend your hard-earned cash. Although this might feel good, the happy feeling it brings could be short lived and try not to go beyond your means.

Spiritual and Emotional. These types of rewards can be quite difficult to do on its own. Usually this happends when you feel happy and contented or elated after doing well on a particularly difficult task and someone has complimented you on it. You can achieve this also by instead of treating yourself to something, you can treat other people out. Giving to charity as a means of thanking the universe for good fortune is also a type of emotional and spiritual reward.

Self-imbibed. Otherwise known as delayed gratification. This is quite common and it happens when people discipline themselves. They reward by eating ice cream on Sunday for sticking to their diet for the rest of the week.


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One Response to “Rewarding Yourself”

  • As it is with my experience, it is so easy to give attention to everyone else and leave yourself out. I started treating myself on a regularly basis only after my children had grown. Cannot think of a good reaon for not treating myself before. Little rewards leave a good feeling just as the big ones and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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