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Saving a Bit of Time Through the Day


Being able to shave a few minutes off your tasks throughout the day makes a lot of difference. Those minutes can add u to an hour of extra time that can be used to more meaningful exercises – resting, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Plan your day.
Most of the time we waste is because we always backtrack on tasks because we forget about them. A to-do list is the perfect tool to help you with it. You can also consolidate tasks or errands. For example, if you are going to one part of the city for something, perhaps you might consider doing all the errands that needed to be done there.

Try working on several tasks at the same time.
You can watch your favorite TV program while vacuuming the living room. You can talk on the phone while organizing your desk. However, if you decide to do this, make sure that your presence of mind is in the tasks you are doing. If you’re stressed and you try to multitask, you might end up repeating one or two or all of them because you’re too distracted.

Turn off the television or the computer at home. When we get engrossed, we often spend hours in front of the TV monitor or computer monitor. When watching TV, decide what you want to watch beforehand and finish the show. Turn the TV off afterwards. When using the computer, allot yourself a specific number of hours (say, two) to check your personal e-mail and social networking site accounts. Turn it off once you’re done. Now you have more time for much needed sleep.


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