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Saving Coins

Piggy Bank

Get those piggy banks ready! These days, every penny counts and with the following tips, you will literally count them!

Avoid vending machines like the plague. They steal more than you know. Just compute how much you spend in coins just getting coffee or some unhealthy sugar-laden snack and you’ll be surprised! Instead of using those coins, save them and bring sandwiches from home for work instead.

When cashier people ask you if you have smaller bills, don’t give them. If they give you coins for change, then accept them and store them in your piggy bank.

Don’t limit yourself to a small piggy bank.
You can always get another container (the bigger the more savings) for your coins. Make it a clear container so you’ll know the progress you make.

Have a clear cut goal.
You can try to top the container in half a year. After which, you can count them and group them according to denomination. Don’t be shy in depositing coins to your bank account.

Make it a family endeavor.
Make it a game for your kids. So instead of having them spend their coins on candy, give them small piggy banks which they can deposit to their kiddie bank accounts when they’re full.


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