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Saving Money on Clothes


Let’s all be savvy shoppers. One doesn’t need to spend a lot to look great. Here are some cool suggestions on how to buy clothes on a budget, without sacrificing quality.

Being a savvy shopper doesn’t always mean paying less. You can opt for more pricey clothes if you can make the best out of it (i.e. if it’s versatile, durable, etc.). A good coat which you can wear for years, specially if you take care of it properly, will be a good buy since you won’t have to buy every year or so. The key here is to be able to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Plan your shopping. Have a list ready and a budget. Resist temptation. Stick to the list and the budget. If you see something good on display, you can check it out and take time to compare prices with other stores. Or perhaps, you can just keep in mind the style, and perhaps you can find a similar and cheaper alternative in other stores.

You can check out outlet stores and discount stores. These stores carry the same merchandise that you see in regular stores and they can be bought for much, much less. Another alternative is to shop online. Many online retailers offer lower prices with other perks like free shipping. Just check the sizes of the clothes or shoes because you will be buying them without trying them on.

Other cheap buys can be found in garage or yard sales and thrift or vintage shops. You may have to have a good eye in inspecting wear and tear, but these venues often provide very good finds (designer clothes that haven’t been worn much).

Take advantage of coupons and sales incentives. Clearance sales at the end of each season is a good way to find cheaper quality clothes. Coupon can be found on line or if you sign up for stores and whatnots. It’s just a matter of wisening up when it comes to shopping.


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