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Saving Money on Your Vehicle

Car Wash

Own a vehicle? Maintenance and fuel expenses a bit hard on the pocket? Here are some things you can consider to save money:

Save on auto membership fees. You don’t have to be a member of an auto club (which can eat up to $250 off your savings every year) if you are organized enough. Keep a bottle of shelf stable gas substitute in your trunk for emergencies. Replenish your stock everytime it’s used up.

Save on gas by unloading unnecessary weight off your car. Instead of two spare tires just store one in your trunk then get a can of fix-a-flat. Less weight in the trunk equals improved gas mileage. Avoid  having a heavy foot on your gas pedal. Stay away from the middle lane on the highway. Surrounding traffic decreases the desire to speed.

Save on oil by getting lower grades. But before you do this, read your car’s manual. If they can switch to synthetic oils, it will be more expensive but they can go longer between oil changes.

Save on insurance by considering of paring down your auto insurance to the minimum that is required by the state.

Save on car wash by paying your kids instead to do it for or with you.

Save money on drinking water or food when you drive long distance by stashing a bottled water and some snacks in your car. So instead of stopping by for food, you can park somewhere and eat.


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