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Saving on Medical Care


Are you unemployed or struggling at making ends meet? Here are a few suggestions on how to save on medical care without compromising the health of yourself or your family:

If you are going to buy medicine for minor ailments, for example aspirin, cold and cough syrups, and indigestion aids, why not buy generic brands? Do some research first and compare labels. You will observe that the working ingredients are the same as those name-brand medicines. When you buy generic medicine, you can get the same remedy for less.

If you need treatment, choose a hospital or clinic that receive government grants. They cannot refuse to treat you if you are ill. Seek out the Patient’s Advocate office and they can help set up a reasonable payment plan. Another option is to get to a free clinic which can dispense sample medications. But this is only if you really can’t pay.

If you are unemployed or existing on unemployment benefits, and your family has children under 18 years of age, they can get free medical and dental treatment at the Department of Human Services.


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