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Saving on Rent


Here are some ways on how to make sure you save on rent. Most of the tips are preventive so consider them especially if you are looking for a new place to rent.

To avoid spending a lot on legal matters later on, always make sure that you get your rental lease in writing. Yes, even if you are sub-leasing from a good friend. This will be your legal protection just in case you encounter a problem.

Consider commuting costs when you look for a new place. Maybe an apartment near your office costs more but compare that with the money you’ll have to spend for transportation if you get a place cheaper but further.

Rent only the amount of space you need. You might consider getting a room mate if you’re getting a place that has too much space. Of course like the first tip, don’t forget to have a financial agreemnet in writing. Include how you will split rent payment, utilities, etc. Include provisions for pets or if you need to move suddenly.

Buy the basics and don’t be ashamed of buying used furniture. A little do-it-yourself fixes can make them look brand new. Just add furniture or appliances as you need them.


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