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Saving up for That Thing You Really Want

Raising Money

Do you really want to buy that new pair of shoes but can’t really afford it? If you are desperate enough to save up, here are some tips that you can use to bring in some extra cash:

Start saving for it. If it’s something really expensive then you can open a savings account with a high interest rate just for that.

Make a budget. Start cutting on other expenses and put the money in your special savings account instead of using it for other frivolous things.

If your boss will allow you, try to extend your working hours so you can get overtime pay. Or you can get an extra job in the evening or at weekends. Just be sure that your day job won’t get affected or you’ll be in trouble and instead of bringing more cash in, you might lose your main income.

Rummage through your old stuff and see if you can sell anything. You can try to auction it online or you can organize a garage sale.

If you really are desperate, you can opt to borrow money but this isn’t advisable since you would still have to pay for it eventually. If you decide to borrow money from the bank, you’ll also have to think of the interest. Make sure that you will be able to handle the responsibilites.


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