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Saving Up on Baby Stuff

Baby Pram

Caring for babies cost… a lot! And with the current economic status, any small thing to help save can go a long way. But how do you do it without sacrificing your child’s health and comfort?
Here’s how:

Babies grow up fast. Many new parents are very excited  with the coming of a baby so they end up buying all the cute little baby items they see on display. Buy only the things that you will have immediate need. For clothes, you will need a few outfits, some onesies, and pajamas. For toys, buy them age-appropriate as they grow older.

Another option is to accept hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. Outgrown clothing, baby equipment, toys, and other baby supplies that are safe to use as hand-me-downs will definitely help you save the much needed extra cash.

Baby formula can be very expensive. If mom is healthy andis open to nursing, you will save hundreds of dollars by breastfeeding your baby. It’s free and you’ll only need a few bottle paraphernalia for emergencies.

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