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Saving When Eating Out


Here are some ideas and suggestions on how to save a bit when you decide to eat out. Remember, every penny saved today will be useful tomorrow.

Most people have been known to dine out more than twice a week – whether actually dining out or taking food home. Although dining out can be a pleasure, it can also be an unnecessary and unhealthy habit. The large portions can play havoc to one’s figure, not to mention the fat content of most fast food.

Try to reduce the number of visits to your favorite restaurant or fast food chain. Instead of three or four times a week, why not make it just once? Make it a weekend treat. Also, instead of dinner, try eating out at lunch instead. Most lunches actually serve meals in appropriate portions. There are also lunch buffets if you want to fill your tummy. Hmm-hmm!

Desserts can actually cost a lot. If you total the cost of dessert your have to pay for one month every time you go out, you’ll find out that you could have bought something far more important with the money you spent. Try to eliminate dessert and not only will you save money, you’ll also prevent yourself from taking in those extra calories.

Instead of ordering two meals, why not order one? Share a plate with your spouse or partner. Most restaurant proportions are big enough for two. Side orders can be ordered by one person and the other can share. Appetizers can be ordered as one as well. Although some restaurants do not allow plate sharing, you can be creative about it.

There is one thing you shouldn’t avoid even if you are trying to save – and that is tipping. Waiting staff are hardworking people who are also trying to make a living. You wouldn’t want it if your own boss tries to short-change you, would you?


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