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Say No and Mean It


Saying “no” doesn’t sound difficult. That is, until you find yourself in a particular situation where it can get pretty trying, like to a loved one, for example.

Just bear in mind that you always have the choice to do or not do what you want. If something goes against your morals and principles,
then have the conviction to say “no.”

The first thing you need to tell yourself is that everyone to whom you say “no,” would automatically be disappointed in you. Don’t berate yourself over this. Most people would actually just shrug and move on to the next person who can fulfill the request. Do what you think is right, and not because you want to please others.

You don’t have to give excuses. A firm “no” is all it takes. Only rude people will push for an explanation, and if it happens that the one requesting is a boor, it’s more reason not to give an excuse. Repeat firmly if the person is persistent. Do not weaken your resolve. Remember that saying “no” is always better than saying “yes” to something that is beyond your means.


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