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Second-Hand Doesn’t Mean Second-Rate


There is nothing wrong in buying second-hand clothes. They are less expensive and of good quality if you know how to discern properly. Here are other reasons why you shouldn’t be ashamed of getting inside vintage clothing stores:

Quality is not really an issue when buying clothing in second-hand stores. If I were to be given the choice between cheap retail and second-hand clothing, I’d pick the latter over the former. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that most of the items are actually high-end ones. Of course, if these are branded, they probably weren’t worn every day. Just check for loose stitches and spots.

Second-hand stores offer clothes in different styles and fashion – from classic items to the hip and funky. If you are lucky, you can also get authentic branded vintage pieces.

You are helping the planet by saving resources by lessening the need to produce new stuff, which in turn helps in lessening the need to chop down trees and more. In turn you can rummage through your old clothes and see if you can return the favor by selling or donating them to second-hand shops.

Some second hand stores support charity. By patronaging these stores, you also help other causes.

Last but not the least, you get to save money. Swallow your pride. With the recent ( and on-going) economic crisis, it’s only wise to look for less expensive alternatives to the usual spending haunts. Besides, no one
would have to know that you’re wearing second-hand clothes until you tell them so. So why be ashamed?


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