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Sexual Harassment Policy and the Workplace


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a big deal for every company. If you wish to avoid having to deal with this problem, here are some suggestions on how to curb, if not prevent such things from happening:

Have a clear sexual harassment policy in the workplace. All the employees should be made aware that sexual harassment will not be tolerated – whether it is done by a male or a female employee, or whether if the violator is low-rank or top brass.

Employees have the right to feel safe in their working environment. They should know what to do when they have been molested (whether verbally or physically) at work. Hold seminars and distribute circulars regarding this.

Encourage reporting and regard each allegation as a serious matter. Treat it in confidence so that the victim doesn’t feel exposed and that the the suspected harasser shouldn’t be discriminated upon while the matter is still under investigation.

Although the victim is top priority, nobody is guilty until proven so.
Make sure that you appoint a competent investigator to make sure that the matter is treated sensitively and thoroughly. This should be undertaken by a trained member of the human resources staff and should be impartial to both parties.

Suspend the offender to avoid further harassment while investigation is going on. Whatever the outcome of the investigation is, make sure that you take the right actions and that justice is served correctly.


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