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Shopping Healthy


It’s easy to pick up the cholesterol-drenched chips and sugar-laden cookies when you go to the grocery. Of course, that’s how they arrange the food, so that the bad kinds are in your eye level. Here are a few tips on how to choose the healthy stuff when you go out shopping for food:

Always choose fresh food over processed ones. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, and seafood will give you the best value, and not to mention the best taste, especially if they are in season. If you are going to buy frozen vegetables, read the label. Avoid those that have preservatives mixed in them, including sodium.

Speaking of reading the labels, always do this when you pick up a food item. Choose those that have low levels of sugar, sodium, and fat. You can also check the calories it contain per serving. Look at the nutritional value. Compare it with other brands as well.  Check spreads and yogurt for sugar content. Some brands are excessively sweet. This is the same for cereals. Instead of buying commercial brands, why not try home-made muesli instead? You can have rolled oats as a base and you can add the fruits and nuts you like.

Choose whole-grain bread and baked products, making sure that they have zero to minimum preservatives, and as much possible, no added sugar. If you have access to freshly baked bread, you can opt to buy those.

The good news is, you don’t have to compare and read the labels everytime you go shopping,once you’ve chosen products and brands on your first few trips, you can just list them down or remember them the next time you go shopping.


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